Basic Tips For Ladies When Selecting A Cut

How to choose a cut suitably? You need to find a cut which will make it possible for you to create a harmonious look. The first thing it’s worth taking into account is whether a cut emphasizes your facial features and hides imperfections. Face shape means a lot when it comes to changing your cut; you can change your ‘do just a little or go in for profound changes.

Changing Your image

It doesn’t matter what face shape you have, try finding a cut which will be just right for you. Here are some aspects you have to be aware of before cutting your hair and changing your image.


  • Oval face. A ‘do with straight parting will be a catch for ladies having a too narrow forehead. If your face is too long, then give preference to the ‘dos which will make it look a little shorter. The wide forehead can be easily hidden with a stylish ‘do with bangs. Side layered bangs will help you create the desired image, as well as make it more sophisticated.
  • Square shape. It’s suggested to give preference to asymmetric cuts with side parting in order to soften strong facial features. Hairdo adding volume to the roots will make it possible for you to emphasize all your good sides and hide imperfections. Asymmetric cuts will help you reach the desired result and always look fantastic.
  • Round face. Cuts adding volume to the roots will help you create an eye-catching, stylish look. Layered ‘dos will make your face look smaller and thinner, so try cutting cascade if you’re willing to hide your cheeks. Asymmetric and short bangs will be a catch for ladies with a round face.
  • Triangle face. Give preference to the cut which will hide wide forehead, as well as expand the lower part of your face. Short ‘dos with side parting which add volume to the roots will be a catch for you, so it’s suggested to choose one of such cuts when changing your image.
  • Rectangular face. Ladies with such shape may give preference to wavy ‘dos which make the forehead look smaller.
  • Heart face. Wavy medium length haircuts will be a catch for ladies with such face shape. You can also cut side bangs for creating a more extraordinary and eye-catching look.
  • Diamond face. Ladies with diamond face need to give preference to medium-length ‘dos; however, avoid doing ponytails, since such hairstyle attracts attention to a sharp chin. Bangs will also suit women with the diamond face shape.

Selecting one or another haircut, you create an individual look. Try creating a harmonious image in order to always feel comfortable, as well as be confident in any situation.

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