Ten Popular Haircuts for Women over 40

Each woman is doing all the best in order to look attractive and hide her real age. What can be better than hearing that you look younger than forty, while in reality, you are 45+? Undoubtedly, such a compliment is flattering.

Aside from cosmetics and diverse means of facial rejuvenation, a proper hairstyle will make its own contribution into attractive and young looks. Before choosing a hairdo from the list which can be found at the link, it is recommended to consider the state of hair, its color, the style of woman, as well as her profession.

Depending on the above factors, a suitable haircut out of those on the site can be selected.


Top Ten Hairstyles Beloved by Women over Forty

  1. For long hair, a style called Rapsody can be selected. It foresees that hair is cut with so-called steps around the face. Thus, the volume is ensured, as well as the benefits of the face can be highlighted.
  2. Cascade for long hair is alike to Rapsody, but the steps are cut all over the length, not only around the face. With a cascade, the hair is voluminous and looks thicker. With a proper arrangement, it is a good choice for younger looks.
  3. Blunt cut for long hair is quite rare among women over forty. Those who are not ready to cut their hair should pay particular attention to its state. Such a style will look attractive only if the hair is healthy and shining.
  4. For a medium length, blunt bob is a stylish choice. It will be appropriate for business ladies who want to look classy all the time.
  5. Banged bob is another option for the hair of medium length. It is possible to check here how it can hide high forehead, for instance. However, with such a hairstyle, a woman shall remember that she will have to set her hair every morning. Otherwise, it will be too messy.
  6. Blunt cut for medium length can be opted by those who are looking for the ways to look slim and slender. One day, the hair can be straightened, another day, it can be curled.
  7. Short bob which is nowadays popular in a wavy version. Those who want to look trendy may check this style there and dare to become the center of attention. Just bear in mind that it will take about 15 minutes every day to arrange your hair.
  8. Bob with graduated side bangs is a proper choice for women who would like to hide short forehead or a round-shaped face.
  9. Pixie is among the most beloved hairstyles among women after forty. First of all, it is trendy and highlights the facial traits. Besides, with a short length, most of the damaged and dry hair is cut, thus, all the flaws are removed.
  10. Short blunt cut shall be chosen by those who have thin hair and want to have their hair cut in a pixie style. However, with thin hair, the latter will not be a proper choice. It is an option for business ladies who cannot imagine a day without an agenda.

When a woman reaches the age of forty, she may feel sad because the traces of aging are inevitably appearing. Although, there is no time for being sorrow.